7 Ways To Create Awareness About Domestic Violence

7 Ways To Create Awareness About Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is still prevalent in the society we live in today. This vice affects the whole society in general. However, women and children are more vulnerable to domestic violence compared to men.

Creating awareness about domestic violence is one of the many ways of eradicating it. Through awareness, the public is educated about aggression towards women, prevalence of abuse and encourages people to take action to end abuse. Besides, awareness alerts victims of domestic violence to the options and resources that are available to them.

The following are 7 ways to create awareness about domestic violence:

1. Mobilize the public to sign a pledge

This is one of the easiest ways to create public awareness about domestic violence against women. First, you will have to explain to them the importance of ending violence against women. They will then sign a pledge stating that they are part of the anti-domestic violence movement. This way, those who sign the pledge will own the responsibility of eradicating this issue and get motivated to create public awareness.

2. Give donations

You can donate any helpful things to victims of domestic violence. It can be blankets, towels, food, personal items and so forth. Call a local domestic violence shelter and inquire if they need anything. The donations will go directly to the survivors who may need them. The donations will also boost organizations working for an end to violence against women.

3. Speak up!

There are very many cases of domestic violence that go unreported and this is one of the factors that hamper the efforts of curbing abuse against women. Every member of the society should speak up whenever they experience or witness any form of domestic violence against women. If you know of a woman who is experiencing any kind of violence, report the incidence to the relevant authorities. Let everyone know that abuse is not a laughing matter.

4. Start this conversation at school

Bold conversations about domestic violence against women is one of the most important tool to create awareness. This conversation is best started in learning institutions. Schools can play an important role in eradicating domestic violence by incorporating studies on domestic violence in their curriculum. Schools can invite guests speakers to talk about healthy relationships and educate students on ways to end it. Awareness created at school creates a more significant impact among the young people.

5. Attend public forums about domestic violence

These forums serve to engage the community and shed a spotlight on domestic and sexual violence. In these forums, you can gain access to articles, documentaries and get a chance to connect with domestic violence resource organizations. Moreover, you’ll learn more about policing, changes in law, and safety. By knowing more, you will be empowered to help yourself and others.

6. Share relevant materials to promote interest

Distribute materials that aim at curbing domestic violence in the community. These materials include; contact information for local shelters, where to seek help if you are a victim of violence, and how to help victims of violence. Some of the ideal places to distribute these materials include; churches, community bulletin boards, local stores, and schools.

7. Use social media to create awareness about violence domestic abuse against women.

You can post photos, messages, stories and articles on various social media platforms to engage more people on domestic violence.

Use available sources of help

Victims of domestic violence should know where to seek assistance in case they feel abused. Domestic violence hotlines are one of the most effective resources for getting help. If you notice any threats of violence, immediately contact domestic violence prevention specialists or any other community organization to get help.

The above-mentioned ways to create awareness about domestic violence against women will ensure you pass a world that is free of violence on to your next generation. Helping Women Voice Network with your donation or subscription will allow us to create more content and educational videos in how to stop the domestic violence in our communities.

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